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11.5g 39mm Clay Composite (ABS Plastic) Dice Striped Chips

11.5g 39mm Clay Composite (ABS Plastic) Double Dice Chips

Quality poker chips, suited with a metal insert to enhance the feel of the chips
11.5g 39mm Clay Composite (ABS Plastic) Suited Chips

11.5g 39mm Clay Composite (ABS Plastic) Royal Suited Chips

Our poker chips are made with the finest materials assuring a lifetime of use.

Our standard poker chips come in 5 colors. ( white, red green blue & black)  They are made with an insert to provide a comfortable weight for an enjoyable feel during your poker games and tournaments.  While clay poker chips are on their way, the standard for poker chips are made of composite materials.  Most clay poker chips are more expensive that the composite materials which are easier to manufacturer

Key Benefits

  • Super Quality
  • Awesome Colors
  • GREAT Feel...

(Shipping charges are shown on the checkout page and are calculated based on shipment within the Continental United States)

Description SKU # Qty / Price
Dice Striped J-D 25 / 3.99
Double Dice J-DD 25 / 3.99
Suited J-SU 25 / 3.99
Royal Suited J-RS 25 / 4.99

Available in the following colors

White, Red, Green, Blue, Black

Note: Yellow, Orange & Purple chips are mot available separately.

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